Reviews of Bible Memory Songs

I love the diversity of musical styles in “Sing Bible Songs (Formerly Dancing in His Arms)” This is an excellent tool for hiding God’s Word in our hearts – for children from 2 to 92.

Debbie Walsh; The Micah Project; Greensboro, NC

This CD “Sing Bible Songs (Formerly Dancing in His Arms)” is fantastic. The music for Scripture in song makes these songs easy and fun. I gave one of the CDs to my niece who has just made a profession of faith. I know it will help her learn some memory verses. Great for children. I enjoy it myself just listening in the car.

Gail and Mike J; Seneca, South Carolina

What a wonderful ministry your CD is! I have it playing as I write this note. My boys are helping me do some housework and our lives are being enriched while we work! Thank you for the beautiful CD. It will surely be a blessing to me and my family.

Kimberly L; Millers Creek, North Carolina

“Sing Bible Songs (Formerly Dancing in His Arms)” is a fantastic idea to help kids learn more about God’s Word! The melodies are brought to life and turned into beautiful songs by fantastic studio musicians! These songs are catchy and follow Scripture directly, plus they are sung by children! What a wonderful way to help kids learn!

Mallory McB; Watkins Glen, New York

This CD is one of the favorites of my 2 grandsons. The younger one wore out the cover looking at it as we played the music. The songs are Biblical, easy to remember, and the tunes/music grab your attention. I have bought a CD for my sister, as well as recommended it to lots of folks at my church! It is great for children as well as adults. What a great way to memorize GOD’S WORD!

Sarah B; Asheville, North Carolina

I am in constant awe of how God’s Word is eternal, stands firm and …. it goes out for ever and ever and ever. When our kids sing out and declare His Word, I believe those are powerful declarations the younger generation is making. It’s not just another cute CD. I believe you had a heavenly assignment that God is blessing in realms we can’t even understand on earth. Those declarations of TRUTH are going out and bringing down principalities. Just my humble hunch.

Elisa McK; Horse Shoe, North Carolina

Who wouldn’t be inspired after listening to this music CD with Scriptures from the Bible? Absolutely a work inspired by God!

Pamela C; Newport, Vermont

Putting Bible verses to music is the BEST way to help children (and adults) hide God’s Word in their hearts. It was true with my children, and now, my grandchildren are learning and singing God’s promises through this CD. The sweet voices resonate the love of God!

Carolyn S; Muncie, Indiana

Very creative way to engage kids and their parents in Scripture. Excellent work!

Geoffrey Harris, President; PowerPoint Ministries; Orlando, Florida

Your CD is truly an inspiration. My granddaughter and I have listened to it on the way to school this morning. I cannot wait to share it with my other grandchildren.

Suzanne McN; Wilkesboro, North Carolina