About Becky

The creator of Bible Memory Songs.

Hi! I’m Becky.

I am the mother of three wonderful adult children and five fabulous grandchildren.  “Bible Memory Songs” came from a deep desire for my grandchildren to know God’s Word.

As a retired music teacher, I readily identify with kids and their music.   These  “Bible Memory Songs” are Bible verses put to music that children respond to immediately. When children initially hear this music they become quiet, absorbing the Words and happy new sounds.  Soon smiles appear as they spontaneously sing, dance, and become active participants with these Bible songs . 

Children are designed by God to readily absorb His truths. Bible verses can be memorized early in life and stay with children throughout their lives.  There is no better way to memorize than through singing!

There is no greater gift to give our children than to teach them to love God’s Word and hide His truths in their hearts. It is my prayer that many children, and adults, will benefit from  “Bible Memory Songs”.

In His grace,
Rebecca “Becky” Lou

Bible Memory Songs

All of the  “Bible Memory Songs”  are recorded by children, ages 4-14. These children sing a variety of styles ranging from quiet lullabies to lively rhythmic melodies. The catchy tunes stay in their head and God’s Word does, too!